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        Wheat Beer Mug

        - May 05, 2017 -

          The wheat Cup is a beer cup belonging to the German wheat beer style. It is close to the shape of the wheat, slender, narrow, the head wide, opening and closing, emphasizing the display of the wheat beer's own cloud appearance and color, the top big openings small is to let more bubbles to stay on the above, coexistence of wheat beer unique fruit flavor. Do not think that this kind of cup is designed to look like this without a purpose, if you try to know it personally. With this cup of beer, you can drink without worrying a mouthful of foam, as long as you confidently lift the glass, liquor will flow into your mouth, and bubble will not go too much, even a little into the premise is to boldly drink it. Such cups apply less, German wheat beer (Weizen), half-yeast-type wheat beer (Hefeweizen), Wheat Black Beer (Dunkelweizen), strong wheat (Weizenbock), etc. are suitable, and there are some American wheat beer (Wheat ale).