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        What Is The Qualified Glass Bottle

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        (1) Bottle bubble: Bubble is the bottle production of the most prone problems, the inspection of most quality personnel can not correctly grasp the size, such as: the bottle sealing surface of 1mm above the bubble does not allow; bottle body: Under 1mm bubble one square centimeter of less than 6 million; 1mm< is the <6mm bubble not more than 3, and the spacing above 20mm; the surface breaking bubble is not permitted to wait, it is difficult to grasp, only with a different shape of the Filimbi pairs. Glass Bottle Factory (2) Crooked neck: Mainly the operation of the operation in the process, the mouth mode and mold dislocation or the side of the die is not completely placed on the mold, requiring the operation of the correct operation can be solved. Even if not affected with the lid, it also affects the appearance of the entire bottle. (3) Oblique bottom: The bottom of the material is uneven, half thick, even more than 50, affecting product quality, lower product grades.