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        Self Explosion Risk Of Tempered Glass Vessel Heating

        - May 05, 2017 -

         Glass tableware is transparent, easy to wash, strong and other advantages, more and more people are accepted. However, the reporter learned that some of the market in glass tableware is not clear, some operators also deliberately confused, will ordinary tempered glass even ordinary function enlargement, consumers mistakenly buy misuse is very prone to danger. Recently, the Chinese Consumer Association issued a consumer warning, tempered glass containers have the risk of self explosion, the selection of glassware should be discern material. It is understood that the consumer contact with the glass containers are mainly divided into ordinary glass, tempered glass, heat-resistant glasses three categories. Only heat-resistant glass has a good temperature and heat resistance of extreme cold and thermal change characteristics, suitable for food processing containers, can be directly into the microwave oven and use, while tempered glass is by the ordinary sodium calcium glass by tempering and improve the mechanical impact resistance to improve the performance of the product, its heat resistance to improve limited, if consumers mistakenly to use tempered glass containers for cooking, very easy to cause burst of tempered glass containers.