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        Influence Of Beer Cup Shape On Beer Flavor

        - May 09, 2017 -

        Different people understand the flavor of beer is not the same, but in general, we explain the beer flavor include the following factors: wheat aroma, wine fragrance, mellow, entrance feeling. The raw material of beer is malt, including barley bud, wheat bud, and some will add oats, so the flavor is the foundation of beer flavour; Hops are also the most important ingredients of beer, which provides a bitter taste for beer, and also provides a special plant fragrance (similar to tea, mainly phenolic and tannin substances; as a fermentation product, there is a large number of yeast metabolites in beer, which are mainly esters, acids, for example, some beer yeast in the fermentation process will produce a isoamyl acetate ester, This kind of ester has the fruit fragrant, mainly the banana flavor, actually this is the blessing white beer the banana flavor source, and this flavor is mostly in the Belgian style of wheat beer; the feeling of entrance is the views of the different people who have different drinking habits, some like to bite the belly, some people like to beat the tongue and then slowly swallow Da Hing. But there is a common feeling is the beer entrance after the killing taste, the so-called "killing taste" is actually the beer in the carbon dioxide bubble in the tongue burst when a sense of external stimulation, so that the rich carbon dioxide beer it kills taste will be strong.