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        How To Choose A Good Glass

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        The first step: see the glass of fine workmanship, exquisite processing technology to protect the glass body purity and permeability. If the glass appears to have impurities, there are bubbles, it will appear very rough, affecting the beauty of the glass. The second step: to pay attention to the glass inside and outside the layer of cracks, cracks in the glass after injecting hot water prone to burst, this may burn oneself, so in the choice of glass must be careful observation of the cup body whether there are cracks. The third step: take the cup near some smell, generally speaking, only the smell of plastic material will be larger, the glass is almost no smell, some cups even some smell, rinse with boiling water, with a one or two times will not be so worried; fourth step: to observe the thickness of glass, glass, some thick thin, the material and quality, as far as possible to choose a more thick glass, so that can be a certain degree of insulation, but also to a certain extent to resist the wear-resisting; Step 5: Look at the material There are many kinds of materials on the market, but the high-end, exquisite glass cup is the preferred material of borosilicate glass, such as Chinaud glass. This glass cup heat, cold performance and wear resistance, fall-resistant performance is very good, not because of drastic changes in temperature and drastic changes resulting in the glass rupture. So, buy glass must pay attention to this glass of what is selected material.000000000.jpg