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        Glass Bottle Has Good Suitable Temperature Resistance

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

         Glass bottle has a good suitable temperature resistance: different dosage forms of liquor in the production of high-temperature drying, sterilization or freezing and drying process, which requires that the glass containers with good appropriate resistance to the temperature of the drastic change without burst capacity. The temperature resistance of glass is mainly related to thermal expansion coefficient, the lower the thermal expansion coefficient, the stronger the ability to resist temperature change. For example, many high-grade vaccine preparations, biological preparations and freeze-dried preparations should generally be selected 3. 3 Boron silicon glass or 5. 0 Borosilicate Glass. The large domestic production of low boron silicon glass subjected to large changes in temperature difference, often prone to burst, bottle drop and other phenomena. In recent years, China's 3. 3 Boron silicon Glass has a great development, this glass is particularly suitable for freeze-dried preparations, because of its temperature resistance to the performance of the blast is better than 5. 0 Borosilicate Glass.