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        Beer Mug

        - May 09, 2017 -

        This beer cup is a traditional German-style beer cup, usually with a cup cap attached to the body, with a handle. Texture has tin, pottery, porcelain, glass, wooden, silver and so on. A glass body has beautiful patterns or drawings. As for why this traditional beer cup will have a cup lid, there is a saying that in the era of plague rampant in Europe, in order to hygiene and clean, the Beer cup then has a lid. But the beer cup is generally glass, there are 500 ml and 1000 ml and other volumes. In our country generally this beer cup is called "tie", has said from the English word draft, also has said from Jug. But in fact, Chinese "tie" comes from the English jug,jug finger with the hand pot or pot. Draft is the meaning of bulk beer, not specifically beer cups.1111.jpg