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        The history of wine glasses

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        In different historical periods, due to the continuous development of social economy, wine production technology, materials, the foreign type of vessel naturally will produce corresponding changes; it has produced a wide variety, dizzying vessel. In the Shang Dynasty, due to the development of brewing industry, bronze ware production technology, China's wine shaker to achieve unprecedented prosperity. At that time in the profession also appeared "long Spoon's" and "tail spoon" this kind specially to make the wine the clan. Although the drinking culture of Zhou Dynasty is inferior to the Shang Dynasty, but the vessel basically still follows the Shang Dynasty style. In the Zhou Dynasty, there are also special production of wine "Zi". Bronze ware played in the summer, is now found the earliest bronze wine wine in the summer two in the cultural period of the grand. The bronze ware reaches its heyday in the Shang Dynasty, the declining period of spring and autumn, and the use of the vessel of Shang Zhou is basically single-minded. According to the general theory of << Yin Zhou Bronze ware >>, Shang Zhou Bronze is divided into food, wine, water and musical instruments of four parts, a total of 50 categories, where a shaker occupies 24 categories. According to the use of cooking wine, Sheng Shaker, drinking device, container. In addition, there are sacrificial vessels. Rich in shape and varied. But also has the basic combination, its basic combination mainly is Spyker and Gu, the same shape, its appearance, style also carries the imprint of different historical period.