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        The function of the Wine Cup

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        Clever alcoholics play with the glass of a fairly elegant way, through the wine in the cup swing state to appreciate the wine, to judge the merits and disadvantages. Therefore, the glass should be done lightly, not to take up the hand, do thin, to see the wine clearly color. Different types of glasses take into account the need for quality drinks, which are characterized by each. In general, the decisive factors that cause the glasses vary, including the opening design and the size of the cup belly (the difference in the glass wall thickness is not very large). The difference of opening design determines the flow of the entrance of the liquor body. We know that the tongue's taste buds have different sensitive areas, the tongue corresponds to the sweet smell, the tongue corresponds to the sour son, the side of the tongue corresponds to the salty son, the tongue root corresponds to the bitter taste. The shape of the cup and the size of the mouth determine the first contact point of the body's entrance to the taste buds, thereby affecting the taste of the wine. For example, the opening of a small cup, in the drinking, the head is bound to lower, wine into the tongue's first sensory area is the tip of the tongue, thereby highlighting the aroma of wine and fruit flavor of sweetness.