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        The collocation of wine glasses and wines

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        Wine connoisseurs agree that each wine needs special glasses to produce a distinctive bouquet. For example, with a narrow cup of wine with full-bodied burgundy, the wine will make the space of swirling small, but the bouquet is by the swirling production. The cup must also be suitably thinner to the top, so sipping it can retain the bouquet. The General Cup foot must be long enough to prevent the hand touching the cup body, that will affect the wine temperature and even wine. A, water: broad mouth short legs, can hold the cup feet to retain the cold water temperature. b, brandy: brandy narrow mouth big belly Cup, put the hands of rubbing move, and then hand warm cup to produce brandy bouquet. C, white wine: a slightly tiny cup with a wide mouth to intercept the bouquet, grip the cup feet to retain its cold temperature. D, Burgundy: with a wide glass to spawn its complex bouquet. The cup is slightly taller than the white wine Cup. E, champagne: narrow grooves in the cups to reduce the surface area of the wine to prevent bubbles from dissipating. F, red wine: the larger of the glass, holding in the cup body and the cup feet connected.