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        Selection of wine cups

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        Different wines to use different wine, now elaborated as follows: with seafood food to drink white wine, it is advisable to cool cold, so to choose the glass mouth smaller. With the meat of red wine, suitable for room temperature entrance, you can choose a larger cup of mouth. A champagne cup is usually a glass of shallow mouth. This can fully show the aroma of wine, but also easy to pour, drink quickly. Drink brandy, must use the big Mouth small brandy Cup. A cup of only about one ounce, glass cup in the palm of the palm, with warm wine, drink wine when the first light glass, with nose smell wine, and then shallow discretionary. No matter which wine you drink, it is appropriate to use a high glass cup to observe liquor, show the color of wine, increase the interest of drinking.