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        Selection and use of wine glasses

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        1. A good professional wine cup body must be elegant and supple, smooth and gentle, the glass body is rounded, lightweight and pleasant, on the one hand, has a great aesthetic and tactile, on the one hand, the wine can fully contact with the air, temperature, concentration, harmony, uniformity and richness are perfectly demonstrated. In addition, there must be crystal clear texture and the perfect transparency, so that the wine tasting full observation of the color, clarity, bubble and gradient. 2. The handmade glass is very similar to the machine blowing, but the price is very far apart. As long as the careful observation, handmade cups in the radian exceptionally delicate wash, if with the finger touch the cup feet, the machine Cup can often feel a straight down through the thin seams, not difficult to identify. 3. In the wine glass is best not to pour the red liquor is too full, generally speaking, about pour to the glass 1/2~1/3 is enough, but champagne can pour to about 1/2~2/3, to facilitate the beautiful golden luster and the bubble. 4. The Wine Cup is the best to hold a cup of finger light legs or the base part, drink before gently rotating shake the glass to make wine gas divergence, convenient smell incense. Do not use your hands to grasp the cup body, lest affect the wine temperature. 51 good glasses can increase the visual temptation to enhance the beauty of wine.