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        Porcelain Shaker

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        Porcelain is roughly appearing before and after the Eastern Han Dynasty, compared with pottery, whether brewing wine or liquor or drinking utensils, the performance of porcelain is beyond pottery. The Tang Dynasty's glass form is much smaller than the past, so some people think that the Tang Dynasty appeared distilled liquor. The Tang Dynasty appeared a table, also appeared some suitable for use on the table wine, such as note, Tang people called "partial mention", its shape resembles today's hip flask, has beak, has handles, can not only Sheng wine, but also can inject wine in the goblet. Thus replaced the former bottle spoon. Song Dynasty is the heyday of ceramics production, there are a lot of exquisite wine shaker. People in the Song Dynasty liked to drink wine after lukewarm. Therefore, the invention discloses a combination of a injection and a bowl. When used, placing a note of wine in a bowl, injecting hot water into a bowl, can warm wine. Porcelain wine vessels have been used so far. Porcelain products of the Ming Dynasty wine vessel with the blue and white, bucket color, sacrificial wines are the most distinctive, the Qing Dynasty porcelain wine utensils have the characteristics of enamel color, grain three color, blue and white exquisite porcelain and all kinds of antique porcelain.