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        Famous brands of wine glasses

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        Founded in 1756 in Austria, Riedel, more than 200 years, has been the world's most prestigious professional glass leading brands. Whether it is elegant and delicate styling, clear and transparent appearance, delicate and clever cups and legs, as well as thin wall, all the tastes flock. In particular, the Sommeliers series, already become the wine the most eager to have the collection level fantasy merchandise, the impact is extremely far-reaching. Total series of 40 cups, except for the pure handmade refined crystal cups, modelling, design and clarity are superior outside, more according to different wine, regions, varieties, and even grades, from the shape of the cup body to the size of the different distinction. For example, Bordeaux and Bourgogne are the most popular French-producing areas in red wine, Sommeliers, respectively, "Bordeaux" and "BordeauxGrandCru", "Bourgogne" "BourgogneGrandCru" (GrandCru refers to "first level winery") and so on four cups, fastidious degree, really staggering, Thus becomes also the distinction indicator of other wine glasses brands.