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        A summary of the goblet

        - Apr 07, 2017 -

        A glass, apparatus for drinking. The basic type is mostly straight mouth or open, and the mouth is almost equal to the height of the cup. With China's wine glass (wine) industry demand market expansion and export growth, China's wine Cup (wine) industry will usher in a new development opportunities. The difference and influence of the wine liquor with different shapes and radian glasses are very surprising. In general, grape varieties and liquor, different areas, aroma, fruity, acidity, tannin and alcohol are also mutually distinct. Although the glass will not change the essence of wine, however, the shape of the wine glass can determine the flow, smell, quality and strength, and then affect the aroma, flavor, balance and aftertaste. So, through the shape of the glass body, you can let the wine flow into the proper taste area of the tongue (the tongue has 4 different taste areas, the tongue is the most sensitive sweetness, the tongue after the bitterness of the most sensitive, but the tongue inside, the outside of the acid, salt is the most sensitive), and then determine the wine structure and flavor final rendering.